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Welcome to EZ PayPal Delivery/Update Portal

Check for Updates and Downloads

You can retrieve your currently active downloads from this Product Delivery Portal.

You can also check for updates and download them by keying in the PayPal email address that you used to purchase the product. By default, the first update to each of the products you purchase is provided free of cost to you. Subsequent updates can be purchased for $0.95, or for a product and version specific price.

To retrieve the links to downloads or updates available to you, please enter your PayPal email address below:

Please be sure to use the PayPal email address, where you got the mail from PayPal with the receipt for your purchase.

When purchasing an update, you have to use the same PayPal account. Please do not use a different email address. If you do, EZ PayPal will be unable to locate your original purchase, and will refuse to let you download the latest version.