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Welcome to EZ PayPal
Your Own E-Shop

Welcome to EZ PayPal

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EZ PayPal
Your Own E-Shop

EZ PayPal is the simplest possible way to sell your digital goods online. It helps you quickly set up an online store to sell any downloadable item, where your buyers can pay for it and get an automatic, expiring download link. The whole flow is fully automated and designed to run unattended.

Do you have an application, PHP package, photograph, PDF book (or any other downloadable item) to sell? Find the set up of a shopping cart system too overwhelming? EZ PayPal may be the right solution for you. Take a look at the following lists to appreciate the vast array of features this little PayPal/IPN implementation offers.


Security Features

Pro Features (Page 1 of 2)

Pro Features (Page 2 of 2)

Admin / Setup


Installing the package is simple

  1. First, upload the contents of the zip archive you downloaded or purchased to your server. (Given that you are reading this page, you have probably already completed this step.)
  2. Launch the installer by visiting the admin interface using your web browser.
  3. Enter the DB details and set up and Admin account in a couple of minutes and you are done with the installation!

Note that in the second step, your web server will try to create a configuration file where you uploaded the ezpaypal package. If it cannot do that because of permission issues, you will have to create an empty file dbCfg.php and make it writeable. Don't worry, the setup will prompt you for it with detailed instructions.

To get started with your e-shop

  1. Create a product or two.
  2. Visit the shop page to see everything shows up okay.
  3. Optionally, publicize your shop and wait for your customers to make purchases.

Upgrading to Pro

If you would like to have the Pro features, purchase the Pro version for $19.95. You will get an instant download link, and painless upgrade path with all your products, categories and sale data saved, including your admin credentials.

Setting up PayPal IPN

This application uses the Instant Payment Notification by PayPal to process and verify your sales and send the appropriate download links to your buyers. This process is fully automatic and will happen without your intervention. However, in